Excerpt from A Father’s Desperate Rescue

Terrell Blackwood was picked up by a limousine and driver when he walked out of prison a semifree man on the second day of the New Year, experiencing two luxuries he’d once taken for granted. Not just the luxury of freedom to walk in the open air, but the luxury to once again enjoy the best that his money could buy.
His millions had availed him little while in prison…other than to have five years—for bribing three prison guards—tacked onto his two concurrent fifteen-to-life sentences for attempted murder. At least, that’s what the self-righteous prosecutor had called it when Terrell had gone to trial all those years ago, what the pompous judge had called it when passing sentence. Attempted murder. Terrell had called it attempted justice. Justice that had not been meted out to the man who’d murdered Terrell’s only child, or to the woman whose lies on the witness stand had gotten the man off.
Justice had been deferred for years while Terrell had rotted in prison…but now that he was finally free on parole, justice would most assuredly be carried out. Sabrina Weston had been struck by divine retribution—dying on a hospital operating table seventeen months ago—but Derek Summers would not escape that easily. Terrell would see to it. Summers would suffer the torments of the damned, just as Terrell himself had suffered for nearly twenty years.
“Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord,” Terrell whispered to himself. God had been remiss where Summers was concerned—so Terrell would be the hand of God.
“What did you say, Mr. Blackwood?” the limo driver asked as he pulled away from the prison, heading for Minnetonka, Minnesota, where Terrell’s ancestral mansion awaited the return of its owner. A long-awaited return.
“Nothing,” he replied, settling back against the comfortable seat, luxuriating in the feel and smell of fine leather after all these years. “Nothing at all.” But he smiled to himself as he did so. A cold, calculating smile. A frightening smile that boded ill for Derek Summers—whom the world knew as Dirk DeWinter—and his twin daughters.

A FATHER’S DESPERATE RESCUE, Copyright © 2016 by Amelia Autin Lam
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