Reilly’s Return

First released November 1997 by Silhouette Intimate Moments!

The “prequel” to Cody Walker’s Woman is Reilly’s Return, soon to be available in e-book format for the Kindle and Nook.
Four and half stars “Top Pick” from Romantic Times for Reilly’s Return, and a Best Silhouette Intimate Moments nominee (1997).
Romantic Times Book Review
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He’d never meant to endanger her…
But Reilly O’Neill knew good intentions weren’t worth a damn. For years he’d stayed away from Mandy Edwards. He’d changed his face, his job, his life. But he hadn’t been able to resist another glimpse of the vulnerable woman who’d nearly claimed his heart.
Yet Reilly’s moment of weakness had put them both in the dangerous path of the criminals who had forced the ex-cop into hiding. Now their only chance for a future was to uncover the deceptions of the past.
But the one truth they could never forget was the passion that had burned so strongly between them…
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